• Yoga for Runners
    with Elana Stern

    Tight hamstrings, sore IT band, tense hips, back or knee pain? As runners, we love to run! But the impact of running can take a toll on the body. Yoga for Runners helps balance strength, increase range of motion, release muscle and joint tension, and sync breathing. 

    Whether training for a race or coming back to your run, getting on the mat might make your times faster and your breathing smoother too!

    Yoga and running are a perfect complement of strength, endurance, and flexibility. This dedicated runners’ series can help reduce the physical stress of running, lower the risk of injury, and increase awareness and confidence as you run. By bringing your body into balance through the practice of yoga, you can run long and hard for years to come.

    About Elana Stern:
    An avid runner, fitness enthusiast, and dedicated yogi, Elana Stern proudly teaches yoga at Wake Up Yoga and privately, embracing all levels from beginner to advanced. With a passion grounded in decades of practice and study, her creative style roots in the body, focuses on breath and presence, and integrates athletic training for a strength-building, grounding, and releasing practice.

    Regular drop-in rates apply
    10% discount for 4-week registration
    Register online, via email, or in studio

  • Mellow Mondays
    with Jen May

    Mellow Mondays become Meditation Mondays in this four week exploration of moving and sitting meditation. For the first hour, combine slow and mindful movements with slow and mindful breath. Down-regulate the nervous system and release tension. Work on opening tight areas so you can sit with greater comfort. For the last 15 minutes of class, experiment with seated meditation techniques to increase focus and bring the attention to the present moment.

    Regular drop-in rates apply or sign up for the full 4-week series for $65. Register online, via email, or in studio.

  • Yoga for Lyme Disease
    with Genevieve Goetz

    This inclusive, body positive class focuses on the practice of feeling good and creating healthy self care with meditation, deep breathing exercises, a mixture of gentle, yin and restorative yoga. Through the structure of poses, we will build muscle tone without too much exertion. Rest breaks will be offered. Poses will be given with modifications so that everyone can practice comfortably. Various benefits will be discussed for common symptoms like muscle cramping, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain, neurology, etc. Themes like letting go of fear, trusting our bodies again, and finding hope will speak to the direct lifestyles of those with this illness. No experience necessary, disability friendly!

    Caretakers and loved ones are also welcome, along with any necessary medical equipment, food, water, etc.

    Towards the end of class will be a reflection time. You can choose to stay in a comfortable yoga pose and let your mind go and stay resting. Or you can bring a journal. Writing prompts and questions will be offered, along with free writing time. Sharing is not required, but open if you’d like to. The workshop will end with a meditation.

    About the Teacher: Genevieve began practicing yoga in high school and knew she wanted to be a teacher, especially during her time living in Hawaii. She received a 250 hr yoga teacher certification from Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia 7 years ago. While Genevieve was studying Occupational therapy, she became extremely ill with Lyme Disease. After 3 years of being disabled and home bound, she has adapted her yoga practice to help ease symptoms and deal with the stress of being sick everyday. Genevieve now lives in Castleton, NY with her two cats, loves to garden and write, and continues to work on her on health journey. She can be found on Instagram at @lymeyogawarrior, and bringing Yoga for Lyme Disease (and other Chronic Illnesses) to the Hudson Valley in NY and Philadelphia.

    Hours: 1 - 3pm

    Tuition: $35; save 10% if registered by September 7th. Members save an additional 10%. 

  • Autumnal Equalizer
    with Corina Benner

    As summer time fades into sweet memories, nights get chillier, and we all begin shifting focus to manifest our dreams, join Corina Benner and Nate Spross for an Autumnal Equinox Vinyasa Yoga Class to celebrate the harvest of your life! The change of seasons is the perfect time to pull back from day-to-day concerns in order to take stock of where you are, make peace with where you’ve been, and envision where you are going.

    This balanced class will offer plenty of twists to wring out the last of the summer, balance poses to find your center in the midst of transition, heart-openers to connect with equanimity, and will wind down with hip openers and forward bends so you feel truly at home in your life here on Planet Earth. All the while, Nate plays musical tracks on his lush sound system that are perfectly suited to the tempo, pace and mood of the practice. Plant seeds of intention in the fertile soil of your field of consciousness and gain all the courage and confidence you need to make them a reality. Make it a yoga date with your besties, and support each other all season long! Appropriate for students with some vinyasa yoga experience.

    Time: 6 - 8pm

    Tuition: $27 in advance; $32 at the door. Members & class card holders receive a 10% discount. Register online, via email, or in studio

  • RhythmetriX
    with Max Young


    No experience necessary!!

    Journey through the mind and body with drums as your anchor. We begin the classes with a brief lesson on form and technique before waking the body up with some rhythmic cardio. Then, we split the class up and learn a series of rhythms that are played on top
    of each other, stimulating the mind and invigorating the soul. Last, we tie it all together by falling into a trance-like meditation, using the power of repetitive rhythm and mindfulness to still the mind and bring about a sense of awareness through the drums.

    Sound bowls and other instruments enhance the process, and then we open the floor for discussion.   

    About the teacher: Max comes to the table with a unique background that spans many fields. Starting with rhythm, Max has been drumming for over 20 years in a variety of projects. Having been a multi-sport athlete, Max also worked for some of the areas top trainers and physical therapists to learn about the human body. It's all tied together with a degree in behavioral neuroscience, and years of studying and practicing mindfulness meditation. By combining all of these fields, Max has developed a truly one-of-a-kind wellness experience rooted in group drumming. Sign up now while spots last!

    Times: 2 - 3:30pm

    Tuition: $35. Wake Up Yoga members receive a 10% discount!

    Hurry--capacity is limited to 14 participants.

  • Yoga for Childbirth
    with Kate Howell

    Childbirth is a challenge of strength and stamina; it is also an outstanding mental and emotional journey, an opportunity to brush against and move beyond your perceived limitations. Childbirth is a rite of passage, a sacred threshold. 
    It is the ritual that connects you to the primal, awakens dormant stores of patience, courage, and strength you never knew you had, and transforms you into something you hadn’t been before. 
    The practice of yoga, too, draws you into deep connection with your body, exercises your powers of intuition, and challenges you to listen, stay with, and lean in, in order to experience yourself as capable of the extraordinary.
    Come to explore breath awareness and techniques, physical movement, and mindfulness practices that you can take off the yoga mat and directly into the birth room.

    Kate introduces you to anatomy of the pelvis, exercises to tone and release pelvic floor muscles, and an exploration of labor and birth positions that create space in the pelvis and encourage labor to progress. This series may be a complement for anyone attending hospital childbirth classes, or for anyone curious about how to take the prenatal yoga practice into the birth room.

    A supportive partner is indeed an instrumental part of labor and childbirth, and partners are welcome (though not required) to attend for no additional cost. All participants (pregnant women and partners) should dress in comfortable clothes and be prepared to move. 

    Times: 12:30 - 3:30pm

    Tuition: $60.

  • Once-A-Month Restorative Yoga
    with Patrice Seko

    Give yourself permission to slow down and be nourished. Settle into supported floor poses for intervals of 5-20 minutes. Release tension, breath gently, and allow gravity to draw you towards the steadiness of the earth underneath. Resting heart open and soft, you're already melting into breath, reconnecting with your own natural rhythm. Practice deliberate stillness to set yourself up for an incredible, well-deserved night's sleep.

    90-minute class

    Tuition: standard class rates apply of $18 drop-in, $14 students, or use your class card. Pre-registration available, but not required. To use class card or membership, sign up on "Classes and Passes".

  • Yoga for Low Backs
    with Angela Jubinville

    Learn how to care for your lower back through gentle and restorative yoga. Move through a supportive yoga class that includes breath awareness, gentle flow yoga, and restorative floor poses to release and relieve tension. Focus on safely stretching and strengthening the hips, hamstrings, core, and other related areas that might be contributing to tightness or pressure in your low-back. Leave this workshop series with an increased awareness of your body and how to relieve tightness and tension in your lower back through gentle and restorative yoga. Receive a complimentary audio recording of an easy-to-follow yoga sequence that you can practice at home.

    This series is not appropriate for people with severe back pain, recent onset of back pain symptoms, or recovering from recent surgery. If you have a diagnosis of spinal stenosis/disc herniation/ankylosing spondylitis, ensure that you have been thoroughly evaluated by a medical professional and have a clear understanding of the movements you need to minimize and avoid before committing to this series.

    Enroll in the entire 4-week series to receive an audio recording of an easy-to-follow yoga sequence that you can practice at home to help relieve low-back pain. Tuition: $80; members/class card holders receive 10% discount.

    Angela began teaching yoga in 2017. Through her studies in the Wake Up Yoga teacher training, she is skilled at designing safe and thoughtful sequences for students of all levels with a variety of physical abilities. She has worked with clients to help them relieve low-back pain through yoga and has found her own relief from persistent low back pain through a regular yoga practice. Angela offered this series in 2018.

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training
    with Corina Benner

    Yoga master and Wake Up Yoga founder Corina Benner guides you through this training that focuses on the incredibly therapeutic benefits of yin yoga on the physical, energetic and mental/emotional bodies (the Annamaya, Pranamaya and Manomaya Koshas), and lean into understanding how this practice helps the student connect with the Anandamaya Kosha.

    We will investigate the foundational shapes of yin yoga, seeking to understand the method of this practice, and exploring appropriate ways of modifying poses to meet individual students’ needs. Included in the training are daily yin yoga practices, and opportunities to work in partners and small groups for practical experience applying the information. You will viscerally integrate the information so that, upon completion, you will feel confident teaching yin yoga and also fielding students’ questions with confidence and true clarity.  Topics to be addressed:

    • Theory of Yin/Yang/Tao and how these concepts are embedded in the practice, and are vastly illuminating in a quest for balance

    • Tension and Compression, two of yoga’s primary stressors • Anatomy & Physiology: Bones, Muscles, Fascia and Organs

    • Anatomical Uniqueness and “Inside-Out Alignment”

    • Contraindications, and tailoring the practice to different populations.

    • Nadis/Meridians, Organs and Emotions, Patterns of Excess, Deficiency and Balance (up to this point for all 3 training schedule options listed below. The following points will be reduced or eliminated in trainings less than 32 hours)

    • A.A.F.F.R.: a formula for responding to emotional responses in yin yoga practice • Breathing practices to invite the fullness of experience

    • Safe, Sacred and Neutral: prerequisite for personal YINquiry

    This training is open to yoga teachers of all traditions as well as curious and dedicated yin yoga students. Participants will receive a certificate of completion which can be applied as “Continuing Education Units” (CEU’s) for Registered Yoga Teachers.

  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
    with Hilary Jackendoff

    Taught by Hilary Jackendoff, this 25 hour Yoga Nidra Immersion is ideal for the established yoga teacher, yoga therapist or meditation teacher. 

    Yoga Nidra is quickly gaining popularity in the yoga community as an easy ‘deep relaxation meditation’ – and while it is most certainly that, there is so much more to this practice. It is not only an accessible, beginner-friendly meditation, but it is also an extraordinarily powerful Tantric technique that guides you to a state of consciousness beyond the mind, where deep healing, and transformation can occur.

    In this Immersion, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the true purpose and power of Yoga Nidra, both as a meditation technique and a state of consciousness. We will explore the practice, within a multi-lineage context, so you developing a broad-based, coherent understanding of its ancient roots, modern applications and spiritual benefits. 

    The following subjects will be presented: 

    ·       Yoga Nidra as an effortless practice of letting go 

    ·       Yoga Nidra as a meditative technique vs a state of consciousness

    ·       Yoga Nidra in the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras and the Tantras

    ·       'Anatomy' of the subtle body 

    ·       Sankalpa (intention) as a tool of self-transformation

    ·       Yoga Nidra within a multi-lineage context

    ·       The structure and purpose of the Bihar School of Yoga’s 8-stage technique

    The training portion of this Immersion is 18 in class hours, 2 virtual training hours, and at least 5 hours of home practice.


    Friday, March 20: 6-8

    Saturday, March 21: 10-6

    Sunday, March 22: 10-6


    Prior to the Immersion


    Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep, Kamini Desai

    Enlightenment without God, Swami Rama 

    Yoga Nidra, Swami Satyananda Saraswati: pg 1-68

    *Please practice Yoga Nidra daily prior to the Immersion. A list of recommended practices will be provided after signing up.

    Tuition: $450 + $35 materials fee. Save 10% on the tuition if registered by 2/20/20.

    *This is not a Teacher Training. This 25 hour Immersion is a pre-requisite to Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Certification, which will be offered in the fall of 2020.*

    About the teacher: 

    Originally from South Jersey, Hilary Jackendoff spent her early twenties volunteering at Wake Up Yoga South, practicing lots of Yin Yoga, and as little Vinyasa Flow as possible. Hilary is now a Los Angeles based meditation and Yoga Nidra teacher, formally trained in the North Indian lineage of the Bihar School of Yoga. She began formally studying and practicing Tantra, yoga, and meditation in 2008, traveling to India and Australia, where she spent two years immersed in ashram life while completing a two-year Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training.

    Hilary is a Senior Teacher at The DEN Meditation and co-creator of its 400 Hour Meditation Teacher Training. Hilary also offers her own Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, as well as meditation teacher mentorship, and a variety of workshops and retreats. She is a 2019 Wanderlust Festival teacher, and contributes regularly to Insight Timer and Simple Habit.

    Hilary's teaching philosophy aims to demystify ancient wisdom, making it more accessible, practical, and fun. She is committed to helping her students develop a sense of ownership of their own consciousness, embracing the notion that the spiritual doesn't always have to be so serious. Through this understanding, they can connect more deeply to joy, play, and the lightness of being! Find out more at meditationchick.com.