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I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for my well-being while practicing yoga or participating in any events at Wake Up Yoga LLC. I understand that the teachers are not doctors and do not offer diagnosis or treatment of physical ailments; that physical activities may be strenuous, and I will participate at the level that feels comfortable and appropriate to me. I am physically fit to participate in these activities and have not been advised otherwise by a medical practitioner. By participating in class and signing this waiver, I knowingly and voluntarily waive any claim for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and release any and all rights and claims for any injury or damages I may have now, or hereafter arising, against Wake Up Yoga LLC, their teachers or employees as a result of practicing these activities. I understand my health and well-being impacts those who practice with me, and I will not practice if I am ill. The Wake Up Yoga community strives to keep the space in which we practice sacred and clean. As such, I agree that I will remove my shoes before entering the studio, neatly return my mat and props after class, and treat my teachers and fellow students with respect. I will inform my teacher if I have high blood pressure, a detached retina, or any physical injuries/conditions or limitations. Wake Up Yoga teachers offer hands-on adjustments. If I prefer not to receive adjustments, I will inform my teacher each time I come for class. New students have the option of purchasing a 2-week unlimited class card when they come for their first practice*. If I opt against this offer at my first practice, I recognize the deal is no longer available to me. *This deal includes open level classes only. This card is not valid for Beginner Series or special workshops/series.
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